About us

Every physical system needs maintenance and so as our body. But maintaining our body or maintaining our fitness sometimes becomes tougher when you are put on a strict diet plans and tight workout schedule. In Arihant Body Toning and Physiotherapy Center, we make sure you don’t change your life style or your food pattern still you maintain fitness.

In Arihant Body Toning and Physiotherapy centre, we come up with an innovative concept of fitness maintenance. We strongly believe that fitness is an ongoing treatment. We call customers as patients and we mean it. We don’t have any instructor to guide them on exercise, but we have doctors.

You leave yourself on us. Our doctors will decide which exercise will be suitable for your body: depending on your past and current health issues, depending on your culture and food pattern and depending on your life style. We prefer manual exercise over instruments though we use instruments as and when needed, under doctor’s supervision.

According to Dr.Mitali, Long term fitness is an investment which needs A REAL WORKOUT, REAL MOTIVATION & SERIOUS RESULT.. we get it for individual due to our thorough steps to GET FIT & thus to STAY FIT.. because, We DON’T FOLLOW TRENDS, we MAKE THEM..!


  1. Fitness
  2. Physiotherapy
  3. Pre/Post Natal
  4. Corporate Fitness
  5. School Fitness
  6. e – Fitness