No need to go to Gym,
No need to go out,
No need to rush on fixed time,
..Enjoy fitness with your own Indian Doc at your comfortable place-at your comfortable time..

Now, Get
by a qualified doctor from Gujarat

Online Treatments we offer

  • Weight reduction
  • Weight gain
  • Body shaping
  • Body toning
  • Physiotherapy
  • Pre/Post Natal

How do we work:

  1. On a daily basis, we meet online (using webcam) where Dr. Mitali provides you the treatment and exercise along with periodical Diet plan.
  2. It normally takes 1 hour on a daily basis at your convenient iitime.
    *We maintain privacy & confidentiality for Webcam sessions.




How to Start

  1. Contact Dr. Mitali Shah via email, telephone or in person visit with all your medical history documents, files and available reports.
  2. A complete body assessment will be carried out (in person or on *webcam). Based on that, a diet plan and exercises will be designed for each individual.

Our Online Personal Training program Emphasizes

  1. Setting up specific, attainable goals via specific exercises which you can do at your place (under our supervision).
  2. Focus more on manual physical exercises rather than gym instruments so you get permanent result without side effects.
  3. Because of emphasizing more on manual excersice under doctor’s observation, there is no chance of any joint pain or muscle pain in long term lifetime.
  4. Designing diet and nutrition plans according to your medical assessment, taste, liking, life style, culture and budget.
  5. 5 Once your counseling is completed (you achieve desired result), we leave you with minimum & easy to follow instructions to maintain the result lifetime.

Our global appearance

Currently we have our patients located in India, Canada, USA and UK.