Pre-Post Natal Classes

What are antenatal classes?

Antenatal care means ‘care before birth’. Antenatal care aims to monitor and promote the wellbeing of a mother and her developing baby.

During this period, everyone has queries and qualms about the birth and becoming a parent – antenatal classes are here to address those uncertainties.

Our Antenatal classes have the aim – to help prepare you for labour, birth, and early parenthood.


Why should the couple attend the class?

  • To get the education about the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy, labor and puerperium
  • To know the importance of antenatal care to have healthy and comfortable pregnancy.
  • To get proper dietary and nutritory education.
  • To get prepared for parenthood.
  • To get the forum for prospective parents to meet each other and discuss different aspects of hopes, fears, problems and expectations.
  • To improve confidence of mother/couple in their ability to cope with all changes during child bearing year and to encourage a sense of responsibility for self and family through life.
  • To get good education about baby care and self-care during postnatal period.
  • To get and to maintain good muscle power throughout pregnancy period.
  • To reduce low backache and edema.
  • To get an easy labor and delivery


Regular exercise has numerous health benefits, all of which apply equally to the new mother as at any other stage of life. These benefits include assistance with weight loss, increased aerobic fitness, social interaction and psychological wellbeing. Exercise after giving birth can also hasten recovery, and assist with muscle strength and toning.

The benefits of postnatal exercise

  • Help restore muscle strength and firm up your body
  • Make you less tired because it raises your energy level and improves your sense of wellbeing
  • Promote weight loss
  • Improve your cardiovascular fitness and restore muscle strength
  • Condition your abdominal muscles
  • Improve your mood, relieve stress and help prevent postpartum depression.