Physiotherapy in Schools

My Healthy School

Healthy eating habits begin at childhood. It’s seen that most of the students in the school suffer from preventable diseases such as defective teeth, bad sight, deafness, anemia etc. but such diseases adversely affect the learning capacity of students and cause ill health. We serve not only physical but the mental and moral develop¬ment of the children.

Our Services for School

Physiotherapy with Wellness programs

  • Postural pains & related corrections
  • Spinal care & ergonomics

Fitness Sessions

  • Thorough body assessment considering the past and present medical history of an individual

  • Weight reduction/Weight gaining consultation based on BMI
  • Your home, Your gym – simple & effective exercise plans

Diet & Nutrition Plan

  • Periodic Diet charts based on individual’s culture, age & blood group and medical assessment

General epidemic health guidance

  • Periodic seminars on precautionary points on seasonal epidemic conditions
  • Periodic seminars with an expert Medico (Gynecologist, Cardiologist, Pediatrician etc) to address specific issues

Benefits of Our Services

  • Decrease risky behavior
  • Greater sense of hygienic safety in the school
  • Student develop healthy habits of eating by our standard wise diet plans
  • Reduce absenteeism, or disciplinary problems
  • Improve each student’s academic performance test scores ultimately